E.J.England has been working as a professional artist since 1996, for a long time almost exclusively on private commissions. 2011 marked a change of direction, inspired by the artist's interest in the imprint of time on old objects. This resulted in a new collection of paintings on damaged vintage books, revelling in their faded beauty. The book cover becomes the artist's canvas, with inspiration drawn from the imprint of time, place and people on the fabric of the books, the titles often suggesting the choice of subject matter.

Since 2015, E.J.England's work has begun to incorporate large-scale, mixed media paintings in a more expressive style; traces of old books still leave their ghostly presence through scraps of canvas covers or lines of text. All collections have focused mainly British landscapes, cityscapes, flora & fauna.

Exhibitions and gallery appearances include the Affordable Art Fairs in Hong Kong, London & Bristol, Windsor & Reading Contemporary Art Fairs, The Windsor Emporium, Will's Art Warehouse, Landmark Art Fair, Bucks Art Weeks and Open Studios, Obsidian Gallery, Emerald Gallery, Collective Art In Marlow, The Wey Gallery, E17 Art House, The Gallery @ Ice, and The Granary Christmas Fair.